47 Royal Marines Commando.
A WW2 reenactment group, part of the the Northern World War 2 Association 
Welcome to the web pages of Y Troop, Royal Marine Commando, A WW2 reenactment group ​​​
and part of the Northern World War 2 Association.

We are a small group of friends and WW2 enthusiast who portray Y Troop, 47 Royal Marine Commandos  and Combined Operations covering the period of 1943-1945 who took part in many daring raids into occupied Europe as well as the major landings in Normandy on D Day.

Our members come from all walks of life, history enthusiasts, friends and ex forces who have come together to keep the memory of those who served with the commandos alive, and educate the public on the period, its weapons , vehicles and life during the dark days of world war two.​ We achieve this through living history events, educational visits and mock battles which often involve live weapons and vehicles from the period. But we also pride ourselves on getting our portrayal as accurate as possible and work with other units within the NWW2A to bring this part in our history to life. 

Our members are predominantly based in the North of England, hailing from Yorkshire, Lancashire and Merseyside.
​And we are always on the look out for those who would like to join us, families more than welcome. 

If you would like to know more please join us on our official Facebbook page,
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Officers, NCO's, Marines and attached uniformed services
  1. Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas
    Captain RM Commanding Officer
  2. Keith Billington
    Keith Billington
    Colour Sergeant RM
  3. Dave Steer
    Dave Steer
    Royal Marine
  4. Chris Brown
    Chris Brown
    Royal Marine
  5. Andy Boucher
    Andy Boucher
    Royal Marines Police
  6. Les Green
    Les Green
    Royal Marine
  7. William Holmes
    William Holmes
    Phantom Company (On Attachment)
  8. Jonathan Holmes
    Jonathan Holmes
    Phantom Company (On Attachment)
  9. Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas
    The 'Ruperts' better half
  10. Fiona Porter
    Fiona Porter
  11. Kelly Pearson
    Kelly Pearson
  12. Pete Scholey
    Pete Scholey
    Royal Marine
  13. Karen Wood
    Karen Wood